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Chain Link

Economical, Long-Lasting & Maintenance-Free

Chain Link Fences are available in a wide range of weights and coatings. Most commonly coated in zinc (aka galvanized), Dakota Fence also offers chain link fencing with vinyl and aluminum coatings to help enhance landscaping.


Benefits of Choosing a Chain Link Fence:

Economical - Chain Link Fences are an economic alternative when considering fencing for your home or business.

Longevity - The protective coatings on the fence rails, mesh and fittings will provide decades of attractive fencing.

Maintenance-Free - The long-lasting coatings on all fence parts do not require painting or other maintenance to maintain their attractive appearance.

Graffiti Resistant - The fence coatings and lack of any flat writing area make chain link fences a wise choice in areas where graffiti is a concern.

Provides Security Without Obstructing Views - The open mesh of a chain link fence offers a secure enclosure while still allowing full observation of the enclosed area.

Provides Privacy - The addition of slats will bring privacy to the fenced-in space.

Blends Well with Landscaping - The coatings available and the open-mesh nature of the fence allow the beauty of the enclosed space to still be observed outside the fence.

Pet Control - Pets are safely enclosed, and they can be observed at all times.

Black Vinyl Chain Link also available.



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