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Cedar Wood

Add Beauty to Your Yard With a Cedar Wood Fence

The classic beauty and rustic appeal of a Cedar Wood Fence is hard to beat. Dakota Fence uses Western Red Cedar Wood because it is naturally preserved against rot and infestation.


Our Cedar Wood Fences are constructed using the following:

Framing - 2x4s are framed on end and flush with the face of the post, they are toe-nailed top and bottom with 16-penny, glue-dipped, galvanized nails.

Aluminum Ring Shank Nails â€“ 6 glue-dipped, 8-penny, aluminum ring shank nails are used on each board.

Concrete Footings - 4x4 posts are set 8' on center into a 9" diameter concrete footing with nearly a wheelbarrow full of concrete on each post.


Our Cedar Wood Fences are available in the following styles:

Alternating Vertical

Alternating Vertical Decorative Scallop

Custom and Charleswood

Solid Vertical

Solid Vertical Decorative Scallop

Split Rail



Dakota Fence

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